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Under normal circumstances, if you complete the registration according to the registration requirements, the system will receive the registered account and password within 1-5 minutes, usually by E-mail. Please note that the automatic firewall function of E-mail may judge the received account password email as spam and store it in the trash box. Please check carefully. If there are still problems, please contact the official website customer service.
Account problem
How to register a trading account?
How many accounts can be registered for one citizen information?
You can visit our official website through the Internet, click to register a real account, and fill in your personal information accurately according to the page prompts and requirements to complete the transaction account registration.
Why didn’t I receive my account and password after completing the registration?
How to modify account information?
How to change the trading account password?
International investors can register their Markets accounts through the platform's customer service. The platform has signed a confidentiality agreement, and the platform will keep all relevant information confidential for international investors.
If you need to change your trading account password, you can do so through the mobile terminal. The modification method is: log in to the mobile terminal-Assets-click Settings in the upper right corner-click Change Password-enter the old password, new password and confirm the new password-click "Submit" below to complete.
The same customer can register up to 1 trading account.