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What is CFD? What does CFD contract for difference mean?
If you set a stop-loss or take-profit order, when market price fluctuations reach the stop-loss price or take-profit price you set, the system will automatically close the position according to the order. In addition, when the margin ratio of your account is lower than the warning line of 150%, the system will close the current open positions starting from the position with the most losses. When the margin ratio is equal to or lower than 100%, the system will force all open positions to be closed. 
Under what circumstances will my position be automatically closed?
Through market execution, your order is executed at the current price in the market.
What is market execution?
The immediate execution order is executed at the price displayed on the platform, which proves that the price is still valid. If this price becomes invalid due to large market fluctuations, you will receive a second offer. Please note that immediate execution is only applicable on the GOLDRUSH platform.
What is your margin leverage ratio?
The leverage we provide ranges from a minimum of 1:100 to a maximum of 1:300. You can choose and set it according to your own risk tolerance. It should be noted that the market risk is relatively high, too high margin leverage will magnify your risk, please choose carefully.
CFD is the acronym of contract for difference. This contract refers to an agreement that allows you to use the value of a financial instrument to speculate. You do not need to buy it publicly but you can own it. In a CFD, if the value of this financial instrument is higher than the price at the time of purchase when the contract is closed, the seller must pay the difference to the buyer; otherwise, the buyer must pay the difference to the seller.
What is an immediate order execution?
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